About Us

Our Story:

Control Solutions, Inc., founded in 1995, was a spin-off from a contract design and product development company founded in the late 1980’s. The secretive nature of the development business made it difficult to show potential customers what we had done for previous customers. Many companies, both large and small, never wanted it to be known who actually designed their products. Furthermore, they wanted absolutely no details about their new products to be released prematurely or via unauthorized channels. This made it very difficult to show the end results of our services and our ISO-9000 audited design process at a trade show.

To remedy the problem presented by trade shows, the company decided to develop a couple of “demo” products using what was then new technology, namely LonWorks. We went to our first show with visions of selling engineering services, only to find that people were more interested in just buying those “demo” products. We had helped numerous other customers get their prototypes into production. We decided it was time to put our own prototypes into production. Thus Control Solutions, Inc., was born. What began as a couple of simple LonWorks I/O devices has grown to over 40 products and counting, with a product line expanded to additional protocols and technologies, including Internet enabled devices.

Control Solutions, Inc., has been developing networked control products since 1995, specializing in building automation, facility management, and commercial automation. Control Solutions offers a line of off the shelf embedded control products with BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, and SNMP connectivity. Control Solutions also provides custom programming for standard hardware and customized hardware solutions. Control Solutions engineers each have as much as 40 years of experience in embedded controls technology. All products are proudly designed and made in the USA , manufactured under ISO-9000.

Control Solutions’ sales & engineering office is located in Chisago City, Minnesota, USA, just a short drive northeast of the state capital city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Production facilities are also located in Minnesota. Control Solutions, Inc., is self funded, debt free, and privately owned by engineers who value quality product over flashy marketing and a fat ad budget. Our technical support is highly valued by our customers.

Where we are…

We are located in a northeast metro suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Both are on the Mississippi River at the northern most point open to barge traffic. The Mississippi River originates in north central Minnesota in Itasca State Park where you can wade across the Mississippi without getting your knees wet. The view above is the riverfront area of St. Paul at dusk.

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